Circuit Breaker Tripping? Issues & Solutions for Dickinson, TX Homes

Dickinson, TX area homeowners, facing circuit breaker issues? ProLectric, LLC can help! We've identified 10 common problems and offer safe, effective solutions to ensure your home's electrical system operates efficiently and safely.

Top Signs of Circuit Breaker Trouble:

Breakers Tripping?  Call ProLectric!
    • Frequent Tripping: Can't run multiple appliances simultaneously? This could indicate overloaded circuits or faulty breakers. Don't reset repeatedly - call a professional!
    • Outdated Fuses: Upgrading to modern circuit breakers enhances safety and avoids potential penalties from outdated systems.
    • Aging Panel: Homes built before the 1990s often have outdated panels requiring replacement every 25-30 years for optimal safety and functionality.
    • Insufficient Amperage: Older homes with 60-amp panels struggle with modern appliances. Upgrade to 200 amps for safe, reliable power.
    • Appliance-Specific Tripping: If breakers trip only when using specific appliances, immediate replacement is crucial to prevent electrical emergencies.
    • Corrosion: Corroded panels pose a fire hazard and require immediate replacement. 
    • Burning Odors: This is a major red flag! It indicates potential fire hazards and necessitates immediate professional attention.
    • Warm Panel or Outlets: A warm panel or hot outlets signal serious electrical issues. Don't touch – call a licensed electrician right away!
    • Discoloration or Spots: Discolored areas on your panel indicate malfunction and potential fire risk. Seek professional help promptly.
    • Buzzing Noises: Buzzing from your panel suggests sparking and potential fire hazards. Consult a qualified electrician for inspection and replacement.

Understanding Electrical Issues:

    • Overcurrent: Excessive current exceeding wire or equipment capacity, caused by short circuits, overloads, arcs, or ground faults, leading to damage and fire risks.
    • Overload: Using wires or equipment beyond their capacity, causing dangerous overheating.
    • Short Circuit: Current bypassing its intended path, creating high heat and potential fire hazards.

Know the Parts of Your Circuit Breaker:

    • Frame: Protects internal components.
    • Operating Mechanism: Opens or closes the circuit.
    • Contacts: Allow current flow when closed.
    • Arc Extinguisher: Extinguishes arcs during fault interruptions.
    • Trip Unit: Automatically opens the circuit during overloads or short circuits.

Need Circuit Breaker Help? ProLectric, LLC is Here!

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