Need to Get Power Turned Back On

Need to Have The Power Turned On To a New Lease Space or a House?

If a home has been vacant for any period of time and the electric turned off you will need to have a whole home electrical inspection before power can be turned back on by the utility company. 

ProLectric, LLC performs comprehensive and professional whole home electrical inspections. Our first priority is you and your family’s safety. Our electricians will inspect your home’s electrical system to ensure that it’s in compliance with the current electrical codes. If we find that it is not, then we will provide you with a written estimate to bring it up to code so that it can pass a city inspection. 

Need to have the power turned back on to a vacant property

Here are The Steps to Reestablish Power to a Vacant Home:

  • Have a home electrical inspection performed by a licensed electrician
  • Make sure he is licensed and capable of pulling a permit in the city you are located in.
  • If there are problems found then have the electrician make the electrical repairs
  • Have your electrical contractor pull a permit for the city inspection
  • Once the home passes the city inspection then they release the home to the utility provider for the power to be reconnected.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Reestablishing power at a vacant home usually takes 3 days. If repairs are needed to bring the home up to code then it could take longer. 

Here is the time table:

  • Day one: Electrical Inspection
  • Day two: City Inspection
  • Day three: Utility connect power

Can it be Done Sooner? 

Sure it can, but not usually. The processing of permits and inspections is time consuming. City inspectors have a very busy job. They are all over the city every day. At the end of the day all inspections passed are processed and released to the proper power companies. Power companies normally will have power on the next day (day 3).

Here are a Few Things the Electrician will be Checking For and Doing

  • Inspecting panel for broken / missing breakers
  • Inspect for water intrusion due to corrosion or ill-fitting connections
  • Checking for corrosion on all terminals
  • Making sure all wires are color coded properly
  • Inspecting all wire for defects, cuts, or cracking on insulation and signs of arching
  • Torque down all terminal lugs to have good and proper connection
  • Inspect grounding system
  • Inspect clearances
  • Take electrical readings
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